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Who we are


With over one hundred years of combined legal experience on Nantucket, the attorneys of Reade, Gullicksen, Hanley & Gifford, LLP offer a full range of legal representation to the Island’s year-round and seasonal residents, commercial businesses, and not for profit organizations. Our firm, which concentrates primarily on real estate conveyancing, land use, and permitting matters at both the state and local level, also provides legal advice and services relating to  landlord/tenant matters, small business formation and administration requirements, general contract drafting and negotiation issues, and probate, estate, and trust matters.  We know that your legal matters will vary over the course of your lifetime – some may be simply handled with a few telephone calls, others may be much more complicated and lengthy to resolve. Whatever the requirements, Reade, Gullicksen, Hanley, & Gifford, LLP will guide and counsel you. We will coordinate with your architects, surveyors, accountants, and other advisors as needed, in order to provide you with the highest level of professional and competent legal representation in your personal and business transactions.   



Advising on all aspects of real estate transactions

Including buying, selling, financing, leasing, development and tax abatements


Local and state permitting

 Including zoning, subdivision, wetlands, health department, and alcoholic beverage licenses


Approved issuing agents for several major title insurance companies



Land Court appointed title examiner



Small business formation and administration for corporations and LLCs



General contract preparation and negotiation



Landlord/tenant issues



Residential construction contracts



Probate, trust and estate planning




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